Grace Mirchea Luslec: He or she is this new eldest and greatest of your Slayers while the leader away from FUG

He’s got Baam adopt their members of the family name and you can makes him an excellent Slayer Candidate

Baylord Doom: Baam basic satisfied Doom throughout the Cage immediately after he had been awakened and you will wished to get back brand new Cage regarding Yama. Baam is actually immediately delay by the Doom’s cold-hearted dismissal away from Deng Deng being dead because of Doom’s heart getting ripped regarding him, however, immediately after enjoying Baam without difficulty handling among Paul’s Rankers, Doom became shopping for Baam, wanting to turn your for the a canine Somebody and you will saying he can make Baam a high-ranked that. Although not, when you look at the processes, Baam spotted one Doom wanted revenge towards the 10 Nearest and dearest Heads and you may Lo Po Bia Yasratcha, once Khel Hellam spends a spell on Doom’s cardiovascular system to control your, Baam breaks the new enchantment and will be offering a keen alliance, and that Doom accepts regarding gratitude over becoming conserved by the Baam, actually giving him a good lecture exactly how he shouldn’t care and attention thus much on Gado’s passing just after Doom kills Gado as many individuals are gone meaninglessly during the competition and what truly matters is what he does.

It’s unfamiliar exactly how Baam seems for the Luslec, though as he detests FUG, he does not appear to have antagonistic ideas getting Luslec, especially considering just how Luslec along with Jinsung is the only grounds why Baam can keeps a way of measuring liberty and you can afterwards his assistance with the enabling Baam carry on with their cluster instead of FUG supervising him, which Baam can get appreciate. Because Sophia Bronze suggests, exactly why Luslec cannot operate was because if the guy acts, this new 10 Members of the family Heads will have to flow also, performing a pretty much all-away combat which can be past Baam’s current peak, and therefore he or she is waiting until Baam grows strong adequate to be able to work individually. Regardless of, Luslec once more also offers their service so you can Baam by putting a babylon escort Mobile beneficial fulfilling of Slayers and Elders out-of FUG to ask how many really wants to help Baam conserve Ha Jinsung even no matter if the guy never take part in the fight.


Urek Mazino: They are already inside fourth review, in which he are Co-maker off Wolhaiksong. Baam and Urek very first fulfill each other when you look at the  Zygaena, where Baam, during the time the new Slayer Candidate Jyu Viole Elegance, together with  Party Tangsooyook is trying to take brand new herbs, courageously challenged Urek even after knowing his electricity due to the fact a good Ranker, impressing Urek. No matter if Baam is nearly murdered by the Urek’s attack, he impresses Urek enough to end up being spared because of the him along with his group is actually allowed to big date immediately after Urek discovers one there is a baby off Zygaena growing. Urek training one to Baam had left a mark to your his face produced your a great deal more interested, in which he commands to keep tabs on your and his awesome team.

Inside Floors out of death, they satisfy once more, where even with their early in the day appointment, they look for zero bad bloodstream among them and you can efficiently worked together so you can overcome Heck Joe, in which Baam’s efficiency, despite being mostly supporting, impresses Urek to the point in which the guy offers your to participate Wolhaiksong, which Baam appears to thought, not rejecting it outright even with are surprised. Then, as he fits Po Bidau Gustang, and he claims one Baam you will stand on the fresh equivalent top from Urek, Zahard, and the 10 Great Relatives Minds, Urek asks Baam in the event that he could be an unequal, and you will Baam trusts Urek knowing that they are an unpredictable. Urek inturn tells him which he will be ignore any kind of taken place from the flooring from passing rather than clean out themselves ahead of parting suggests, that have Urek together with informing Baam on Yihwa and Danhwa enduring and climbing to meet up her or him, far so you can Baam’s appreciation.